Education in Gambia - An Overview

The Gambian education has impact from the Colonial power. The language of teaching in schools and educational settings is English. Schooling is not compulsory in Gambia. Children below age 15 constitutes to about 45% of Gambian population. Primary level education is available to all children; however, secondary schooling is competitive and available only to those who pass primary level examinations successfully. The School Education System in Gambia is divided into following categories-

Lower Basic School – These constitute 6 years of study. Lower basic schooling is the start of education in a child’s life in Gambia. Children enrolled at the age of 7 and study through 13 when they appear for Grade six placement examination.

Upper Basic School – The Upper Basic School provides class 7 through 9 education. In the end Students appear for Basic Education Certificate Examination. The children in age age group 13 – 16 study in these schools.

Senior Secondary School – The duration of Senior Secondary School in Gambia is 3 years. Children who completes Upper Basic school enrolls or class 10 at the age of around 16 years and write West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) at completion of Class 12. The performance in West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) makes the basis for enrollment in college.
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